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With the aim of sharing the delicious Levantine cuisine worldwide, CTC produces local household staples, including:

  • Jameed, a dehydrated yoghurt powder made with sheep’s milk, which is the key ingredient of the Jordanian national dish, mansaf.
  • Sumac, an indigenous spice of the Middle East used in salads such as fattoush and the traditional Palestinian roasted chicken-based dish, msakhan.
  • Zaatar, which is a blend of thyme, roasted sesame seeds, salt, and marjoram typically enjoyed for breakfast in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and the southern parts of Turkey.
  • Makdous, an oil-cured eggplant stuffed with a rich mixture of chopped walnuts, garlic and herbs, is a household staple that can be enjoyed with bread for breakfast or as a snack. Makdous boasts a flavor that is best described as salty, tangy and rich.
  • Shatta, the go-to condiment of the region, is a thick, red paste made with red hot chili and pairs well with virtually any meal for a spicy twist.

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