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With over three decades of experience in the food production sector, Chains Trading Company (CTC) is a family-owned business based in Jordan. Owned by the Kayyali family, the CTC team prides itself on its ongoing commitment to deliver quality food products that boast authenticity, flavor, and heart

Table Olives

Cultivated and harvested from the country’s most fertile regions, our black and green olives are gently processed to preserve their flavors and seasoned with Dead Sea salt

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Canned Legumes

CTC imports dry legumes from the world’s most prominent suppliers, which are then meticulously sorted to produce top-grade, ready-to-eat canned products

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Specialty Products

With the aim of sharing the delicious Levantine cuisine worldwide, CTC produces local household staples

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Pickled Vegetables

Pickling is a long withstanding CTC tradition, and all products embody the perfect balance between crunch, flavor, and vibrancy

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Transforming a meal into a celebration, CTC’s expansive range of products deliver quality and flavor with every bite

  • Fava Bean 2 KG

    Chunky, ready-to-eat fava beans. Typically served hot with a squeeze of lemon, garlic, chopped tomatoes and a generous drizzle of olive oil.

  • Green Peas 240 GM

    Bright green, ready-to-eat peas that can be tossed into a salad, served hot as a healthy side dish next to chicken or beef, or mixed with diced, cooked vegetable and tomato sauce for a delicious vegetable stew.

  • Lupin Bean 2 KG

    These sweet Lupin beans are protein-rich and are popular in Italy, Spain, Portugal and some Middle Eastern countries. They can be served as a light snack on their own or as part of a mezze.

  • Red Kidney Beans 2 KG

    Generous, ready-to-eat kidney beans, which can be tossed into salads or cooked with tomato sauce and ground beef to make delicious, hearty chili.

  • Red Kidney Beans 240 GM

    Generous, ready-to-eat kidney beans, which can be tossed into salads or cooked with tomato sauce and ground beef to make delicious, hearty chili.

  • White Beans 250 GM

    Plump, ready-to-eat beans in a delicious, rich sauce. Can be heated and served as a side dish to meat or over rice.


CTC is committed to excellence on all fronts and as such boasts national, regional, and global qualifications and certifications

“My restaurant’s collaboration with CTC began in 2015, and we have been steady clients ever since. Not only did they help recommend and create the right sized packaging for our restaurant, but their products continue to be superior to any other in the market.”
Importer/Restaurant Owner-Kuwait

Importer/Restaurant Owner

“CTC has really improved the image of my store. My product range is more varied now and my shoppers have many CTC products to choose from. The range is also comprehensive, and I often see customers purchase several different CTC products in one visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
Importer Retailer Shop Owner – Dubai, UAE

Importer Retailer Shop Owner - Dubai, UAE

“Our chain of hypermarkets is known to carry the best quality food, which is why our work with CTC made sense. Our experience creating our private label with them was second to none, as they were very easy to work with, flexible and accommodating, and the company representatives were the consummate professionals and eager to support.”
Importer Distributor – Cairo, Egypt

Importer Distributor - Cairo, Egypt

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